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So Sublime Text 2 seems to getting a lot of love lately. I am using the Sublime Code intel plugin, for auto completion. The problem is, it does not recognize .mi files as MASON files. I looked into the lexer and it does have the keywords in place. How do I force it to be parsed as MASON?

Running "Set Syntax: " on Ctrl+Shift+P, does not show a MASON option.

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i doubt it has anything to do with CTRL+SHIFT+P, the syntax changer is something from Sublime Text itself, the plugin works with his own list of supported languages, however I'm looking for a guide on how it works with Javascript, so I am awaiting an answer on your post, to see if I can do a similar trick to make it work with Javascript :) – Sander Jul 12 '12 at 16:52

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