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I would love to change the default operation of my PowerPoint so I can press F5 and go to the full screen mode with the current slide.

Yes, I know that I can do that with Shift+F5, but I want to get the same functionality that Shift+F5 provides with just F5. I use it a lot of times each day and almost never use the "start from the first one" shortcut.

I need to do it on PowerPoint 2003 and 2007.

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You can use AutoHotkey to map F5 to Shift+F5 inside Microsoft PowerPoint only.

  • PowerPoint 2003:

    #IfWinActive ahk_class PP11FrameClass
        F5::SendInput, +{F5}
  • PowerPoint 2007:

    #IfWinActive ahk_class PP12FrameClass
        F5::SendInput, +{F5}
  • PowerPoint 2010:

    #IfWinActive ahk_class PPTFrameClass
        F5::SendInput, +{F5}
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Unfortunately Microsoft did not include a Key Bindings option with MS Powerpoint so there is no "official" way to change the bindings that I know of.

A possible alternative solution would be to map your F5 key to always act like Shift + F5 .

There is a guide to do so here

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