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I use GIMP for graphic design and I've downloaded a lot of my own fonts. GIMP shows every single version of every font on Windows, including foreign ones, so I went into my registry and deleted all the fonts I thought I wouldn't use.

I still have many of the basics: Veranda, Lucidia Sans & Lucidia Grande, Trebuchet MS, Arial, I wouldn't delete those, but now my iTunes looks like this:

I know a re-install might solve this problem, but does anyone know of an individual font that iTunes uses as their menu/sidebar font??

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The easiest way to overcome this is to copy the FONTS folder form another working system of the same version of Windows as what you're running.

On the good machine, open the Command Prompt, type ROBOCOPY %windir%\Fonts x:\Fonts /s /xj /eta and press Enter. Replace X:\Fonts with your removable drive. On the destination computer, type the opposite in an Administrative Command Prompt (Start->type CMD and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter): ROBOCOPY X:\Fonts %WINDIR%\Fonts /s /eta /xj and press Enter.

NOTE: If you are using Windows XP or lower, you will not have ROBOCOPY installed by default. In this case, use COPY %WINDIR%\Fonts X:\Fonts /s instead

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I only had a Vista available but I did it and it worked. Thanks for you help. – toams7 Jul 7 '12 at 20:36

A quick google search suggests that the fonts are likely Lucida Grande, Arial, Tahoma, and/or Trebuchet MS. Since you listed all but Tahoma, I would suggest you put that one back on.

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I've got Tahoma. I did the same Google search and I saw those, sorry I didn't list it up there. Thanks though! – toams7 Jul 7 '12 at 20:17

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