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I need to provide a specfic type of stratified random simple. In the past I have done this in Excel but figured there might be an easier or better way to do this in R.

I am not sure what this specific type is called so I will describe what I did in Excel. This was employee data: 1. Sample size is prescribed. Example: n = 100 (though N = 10000) 2. Sort entire population (N) by by two fields, for example Organization and Employee Type , and get percentages out of total by stratum. 3. Apply these percentages to sample to get a sample that is representative of entire population. For example if 10% of the population comes from Organiziation/Employee type stratum "Operations/ Engineer" than you should have 10 "Operations/ Engineers" in your sample of 100.

I want to know how to do this in R. What package and function do I use?

BTW Since I am not asking specifically about how to code this I figured it is better to post this here instead of the main SO site. Also I did try searching with findFn(stratified) and came up with pps package but that doesn't seem right and did google search but to no avail.

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