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I've just installed google drive.. but when it starts.. there is just a blank white window with no user interface. I'm stumped. Anyone have any ideas? (I've tried restarting PC and uninstalling/reinstalling google drive)

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May not be related, but is that a Flash interface, and is Flash installed? Same question for Java. Also, what browser? I've had sites that work fine in Chrome and/or Firefox fail to render at all in Internet Explorer. – killermist Jul 7 '12 at 14:03
Is this still an issue? – Al E. Jul 17 '12 at 16:39

I had same issue. Google Drive login page uses IE core. I tried solution mentioned above and still didn't work. When I tried to open some page in IE, got blank page there also. I suddenly remembered, that I had set proxy to my virtual machine in Internet Settings x)

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This issue occurs due to the problem with Internet Explorer(IE). So, any solving attempts targetting anything other than Internet Explorer will simply fail and won't resolve the issue. (e.g. installing/re-installing Google Drive). Google drive uses system's default browser i.e. IE on Windows to sign in. (not Chrome or Firefox even if you have set them as default browsers.)

If you are not able sign in through Google Drive and face a blank page, then it means that you are not able to load any webpages through the Internet Explorer either. Resolve that issue first and your Google Drive issue will be resolved automatically.

In my case, I had to downgrade my Internet Explorer version from 11 to 10. However, in your case it might be something else, but it should be definitely related to the Internet Explorer.

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Had the same issue today,

Ended up working after trying a few things... Don't really know what worked and why. I didn't have any problem with IE (copying the URL from right-click>Properties and pasting it in IE displayed the login page).

Here is what I tried:

  • Updating Java
  • Rebooting
  • Latest thing I did:
    • Quit Google Drive
    • activate compatibility mode (XP SP3) & Run google drive again
    • Launch Google drive
    • Quit google drive
    • desactivate compatibility mode
    • relaunch google drive

I'm not conviced it's somthing I did from above that made it work. But if it did, I hope it'll help others...

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