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I have several applications that will not run correctly because my school laptop has the wrong date and time. I can not synchronize it to the internet because this requires admin rights. I can't have my school do it because it's summer vacation. Any ideas?

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Sometimes you can set the clock manually by entering the computer's BIOS setup program when it boots (usually by hitting a special key like DELETE or F2).

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Thanks this worked! – Rocky DeHart Jul 8 '12 at 22:09
Good to hear, especially since it's often possible to password protect being able to change the BIOS settings, too, but apparently your school didn't do that. – martineau Jul 6 '15 at 12:41

From the "Start" button, choose "Run" and enter "cmd.exe" in the text box. On the CMD type:


It will show you the current date of the computer and should allow you to type a new date on this format: mm-dd-yy, just type it and press Enter

To change the time its the same but instead of the command date type:


And type hh:mm:ss

That should do it.. im not 100% sure it works without admin rights... but give it a try

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