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I don't know if any free software or service is out there.

I need to conduct some web meeting with my clients to just show some of products and presentations. I've used Cisco's Meeting Place before, but I would like to see if there is anything free out there that can replace this job.

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  1. DimDim
  2. Yuuguu
  3. Vyew
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I didn't check out #2 and #3, but DimDim is awesome. It fulfills my needs! – codingbear Sep 21 '09 at 18:17
+1 for DimDim, it's brilliant. – Molly7244 Sep 21 '09 at 18:33
I remember hearing DimDim somewhere...did some company just acquire DimDim? – codingbear Sep 21 '09 at 23:03
I don't think so. At least, it's not mentioned here – Pascal Thivent Sep 22 '09 at 0:42

in addition to Pascal Thivent's options, there's also FuzeMeeting which I've started using off late.

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(Disclaimer, I'm on the Yuuguu Dev Team)

Yuuguu would be able to provide what you need. It is free, cross platform and secure.

There is also a web browser viewer available so only the host of a session needs to install the client (although you are limited to 100 minutes per month on the free version when sharing your screen this way).

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Webex - Used this one before, worked decently. This is the tried and true non-Microsoft solution. These guys have been around since '95 and seem to know what they are doing.

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Not free. And, it's by Cisco. – Sathya Sep 21 '09 at 17:29
yup. I know Webex, and it's definitely not free. – codingbear Sep 21 '09 at 17:52

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