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Possible Duplicate:
How to save as .PNG file as default in Photoshop CS3?

I very often save my files to png file, but when I save in Save As dialog I always see psd extension and I have to shoose other (e.g. png). Where I can set save to png file as default?

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Personally, I use this small script (and bound it to Shift + Ctrl + S):

try {main(); } catch(e){} 
function main(){ 
    activeDocument.saveAs(app.activeDocument.path, SaveDocumentType.PNG, false, Extension.LOWERCASE); 

It will still prompt me for a file name, but the Format dropdown menu will be set to PNG by default. The first line just prevents any error messages from popping up if I click "Cancel" on the Save As window.

If you want it to save the PNGs in a specific folder, replace app.activeDocument.path with your preferred path.

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