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I have got a Hd 6950(2x minidisplay port 2x DVI port 1x HDMI port) graphic cards. And I have got a three monitor. I want to active it all.

I learned to need an active minidisplay port to vga or minidisplay port to dvi cable. Here's my problem. I want to buy minidisplay port to dvi but my country doesn't have it but I can find display port to active dvi cable.

I have a minidisplay port to display port cable. If I buy Sapphire ACTİVE DP TO SL-DVİ CABLE will my third monitor work? I mean I will plug mini display port to display port cable first and after I will plug active dp to dvi cable.

Will it work? If someone help me I will be very grateful.

I have this

enter image description here

And I will buy this

enter image description here

After this processing Will my third monitor work with eyefinity?

Sorry for my English. I hope you will understand me. Take care.

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> I want to buy minidisplay port to dvi but my country doesn't have it Can you use eBay? If so, you can get whatever you need. – Synetech Jul 8 '12 at 3:46

The regular display port adapter WILL NOT work with HD 6950.

I have three monitors connected to my XFX Radeon HD6950 and I have to use a "mini" displayport to DVI for my third monitor. Whether it's "active" or not only matters if you plan on using EYEFINITY, where you can turn three monitors into one.

Can't you order from Amazon?

YOU DO WANT the "active" displayport since you do plan to use EYEFINITY, but you also NEED a "mini" for the 6950. A regular displayport connecter, which is wider then a mini will not work for you.

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