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I never know when it will happen, and I can not make it happen, but every so often I can not click on any of the icons on the taskbar nor the Start button on the taskbar. Nothing. Like it is locked.

Until I press Ctrl+Alt+Del and open the task manager. Then I can immediately use the taskbar normally. I do not have have to do anything with the task manager. Just open and then close it.

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Sounds like explorer.exe is crashing. How long since you've restarted your computer? –  imtheman Jul 8 '12 at 3:50
When taskbar is locked, I can use shortcuts on the desktop. I can open explorer via desktop icon. Taskbar never disappears like it crashes. –  Logman Jul 8 '12 at 3:52
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After much analyzing, I could not replicate it and lived with it for some time until trying restore points. Restore points didn't fix it. The problem ended up being the MOUSE. A wireless mouse.

It was not the batteries. I tried re-Installing the wireless mouse drivers, no go there. But maybe the mouse was physically malfunctioning. I put a second wired mouse and everything is fine.

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