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I initially installed a version of python-git (GitPython) on my machine. It was version 0.1. Then I used pip to upgrade it to the latest. Now I was looking for the appropriate docs and fell unsure of which version I actually installed. So how to find the version of the installed python package?

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Yes, pip can show list of packages installed and versions.

pip list


amqp (1.4.6)
beautifulsoup4 (4.3.2)
caniusepython3 (2.2.0)
certifi (14.05.14)
coverage (3.7.1)
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You can use

pip list | grep -i package

package name could be segment of the package name and is case insensitive.


package (0.0.0)

the red highlight shows your search criteria.

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Usually a command line like this does it on UNIX:

  ls /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages|grep -i packagename

All eggs live in site-packages folder and they have version number in their folder / .egg file name.

Your question lacks operating system details and what Python was used to install, so it is not possible to give the exact answer.

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