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the application failed to initialize properly oxc0000005 click on ok to terminate the application

alt text

Any help would be most welcome.

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Finding a Solution for the 0xC0000005 Error

since the problem is related to the sandbox, i don't think we're dealing with faulty memory, DEP is more likely to be the culprit. add the switch /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN to your boot.ini

if this doesn't solve the issue, follow the instructionx in this MSKB article to disable the postmortem debugger (Dr. Watson).

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What should disabling Dr. Watson accomplish? By the time Dr. Watson is invoked, the program has already received an access violation exception. –  bk1e Oct 20 '09 at 2:05

In Sandboxie go to CONFIGURE --> EDIT CONFIGURATION A notepad window will open... Go down to:


Where it says.. AutoRecover=y

Change to... AutoRecover=n

BINGO! I hope that works for ya'll as well

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