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On 2-page view, I want to see the pages from right to left, like so:

enter image description here

instead of

enter image description here

This has something to do with right-to-left languages.

I found a few suggested solutions that didn't work (one that involved setting odd and even page numbers, and another one involving page breaks).

Any ideas on how I can solve this?

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On Word 2007:

  1. Click the office symbol (top left) - at the bottom of the new window click 'Word Options' next to 'Exit Word'.
  2. Under the 'Popular' tab click 'Language Settings'.
  3. Under 'Primary Editing Language' select a language that orders pages by the style you want, for example Hebrew or Arabic for the first option according to your drawing, English for the second option.
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Word 2010: Word options > Advanced > Show document content > Document view (choose Right-to-Left)

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