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I've just started using Blender (v2.63) for the first time. I have used a lot of 3d modelling programs in the past but Blender's controls seem to be set up differently and it's taking a while to get used to it. The thing that is really bugging me at the moment is switching from user perspective to front/side/top views. I have my view in perspective mode and I want to switch to front view in orthographic mode and then switch back to the view I had before. It seems that the only way is to press numpad-0 to go to camera view, rotate the screen a bit to get rid of the annoying black outline and then switch it back to perspective mode. Then sometimes when I go back to front view it's in perspective mode which is annoying as you never want front view in perspective, only orthographic mode.

My question: Is there a way I can be in my user view in perspective mode, switch to front/side/top views in orthographic mode and then switch back to where I was before in my user mode and be back in perspective mode?

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You are right, you can't go back to your previous perspective or undo your perspective change. But there is a workaround in case that you often need to switch fast between two perspectives: Screens

Because every screen layout saves its own perspective settings, you can easily add a new layout and change the perspective to your alternate view. If your current screen is called Default, just click on the "+" button. As the names within the screens list are always sorted alphanumerically, I recommend to keep them in neighborhood so you can toggle between them using Ctrl+→ (Right Arrow) and Ctrl+← (Left Arrow).

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