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I've connected my windows7 laptop to my TV using an HDMI cable so that I can watch iplayer, youtube, google videos etc. Is there any way I can control the video playback remotely using my iPhone 3. I'd like to be able to pause, play, rewind etc the video playing.

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Added Windows-7 and remote-control tags for clarity – Julian Knight Jul 9 '12 at 10:58

Yes, there are numerous apps in the iTunes app store that will let you do this.

Firstly you need to decide if you need a keyboard or just a mouse clicker? Remember that Windows 7 has an excellent on-screen keyboard available.

In the case then of just needing a mouse clicker, you may want to consider a remote touchpad app such as Touchpad from Splashtop.

If you need more, there are hundreds of apps to choose from. A selection are listed here

You could even go for a full desktop remote control tool. However, you should note that you will not be able to use Microsoft's built-in remote desktop (RDP) since that will close down the normal screen output. However, there are plenty of alternatives even here. You could use a VNC based remote screen or something like TeamViewer.

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