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Acrobat Reader allow us to easily save a copy of the PDF document. How can I save only from page 5 to 10 without purchasing a PDF editing tool?


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You can send page 5 to 10 to a PDF-printer in such a case. Installing a printer that can print to pdf is freeware, and can be done with little loss.

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I would recommend the free CutePDF - cutepdf.com –  Brandon Kreisel Jul 9 '12 at 13:42
use bullzip pdf printer. bullzip.com –  ichathan Jul 9 '12 at 15:06

There are several posibilities:

  1. You can use the freeware pdftk. It's an command line program that can extract pages from existing PDF pages and save then again as PDF. There are also several GUI base tools available that base on pdftk.
  2. PDF split and merge
  3. Furthermore there is even an free online service for extracting PDF pages.
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You can do this with google chrome

1)Drag and drop pdf file to chrome
2)Click print
3)select the pages you need to extract
4)Click change button and select save as pdf
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Here is free tool that can do exactly what you are asking :


Put start and end pages + number of the pages in the single file.

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If you install pdftk you can do it with the command pdftk cat. The syntax is weird though, so copy carefully:

pdftk in.pdf cat 2-20 output out.pdf
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