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On Friday, my Rational Team Concert repository workspace was loaded in my local RTC Eclipse environment with folders on my hard drive

Today, for some reason RTC does not consider it "loaded". It is giving me a "Accepting incoming changes into a disconnected component will not load them into the sandbox. Do you want to continue?" warning when I try to accept the incoming changes, and it's not showing any outgoing changes when I refresh the filesystem.

The tetris piece representing the source control component is outlined blue (not loaded) rather than filled in blue (loaded).

Why isn't my checkout considered "loaded" anymore? How do I make it consider the workspace loaded without overwriting my local changes?

In the past, I've dealt with this situation by:

  1. Making a copy of my checkout folders
  2. Reloading them from source control
  3. Overwriting the the load wiht my backup copy

This is a time-intensive and error-prone procedure. Is there any way to make RTC just recognize the same workspace that it had before?

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I was looking for answer to this for long time. From my purely personal opinion - I've never had do deal with so much crap like when using this tool. I can hardly believe somebody wants to get money from selling this when there are other alternatives which will at least DO the task (I'm not even targeting "do better" thing). Now - when the rage has flown through me already...

I do lots of syncing between our local git repository and client's RTC. And situation like above happens mostly when using command line lscm tool while not having eclipse opened. Seems like this part (ie. lack of eclipse) is the "disconnection" thing. Solution I've found today is:

  • close everything
  • restart your computer
  • open RTC's Eclipse FIRST
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Absolutely agree about this "never had to deal with so much crap" part! –  Wolfram Rittmeyer Feb 10 at 15:25

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