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In ~/.tmux.conf, with

 bind-key v split-window "vim"

I can launch vim in a split window.

how I can use two keys in a tmux bind-key ?

 bind-key vG split-window "vim +$"
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You cannot. tmux only allows single-key bindings (either alone, using bind-key -n, or following the prefix key).

However, you might try binding "v" to an invocation of command-prompt:

bind-key v command-prompt "tmux-vim.bash %%"

where tmux-vim.bash looks something like

if [ $1 = "G" ]; then
    tmux split-window "vim +$"

Then, after typing v to get to the command prompt, you would just type "G" and press Enter. "G" would be passed as the argument to tmux-vim.bash, and that script would take care of executing the tmux command you (originally) wanted to associate with "vG".

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You'd think I would have remembered answering that well enough to link to it myself :) –  chepner Jul 10 '12 at 12:32
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