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I need a formula or a macro to help automate a grade sheet's dates.

We have class every Monday or Wednesday only. I would like to vlookup from an input table of each quarter's date range, for example, Sept. 10 - Oct 24. The code should auto-insert the date of every Monday and Wednesday in a row at the top of my grade sheet.

Every year I use the same Excel workbook I built to average and rate the grading with no problem, however I can't seem to get this one right. Currently I have to enter each date by hand.

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Here's a formula that will do that.

  • In your first column, put your starting date.
  • In the next column, put this formula:


Which says, if the previous column is a Monday, this column is that day + 2. If it's not, this column is that day + 5.

Then copy the formula into the subsequent cells until you've reached the last date of your quarter.

Here's a video I found that shows how to copy a formula: Quickly Copy/Paste Data, Formulas, Text in Excel Using the Quick Fill Handle

You can format that row so that the dates are displayed how you like by right-clicking the row number (which selects the whole row) and choosing Format Cells....

Under the Number tab, choose Date from the category list and then pick a type. Or you can pick Custom from the category list and customize it. I used this under custom:

ddd, mmm d

Which is display like this:

Mon, Sep 10

This page lists what each "code" means (i.e. "ddd" is the day abbreviated, "Mon"):

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simple and well-explained! – andy holaday Jul 11 '12 at 2:42
@andyholaday Thanks! – flackend Jul 11 '12 at 12:45

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