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I am getting an error from a tar.gz file that was created with winace when opening it with tar vxzf package.tar.gz in Linux:

tar: A lone zero block at 60140
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Sounds like you lost one of the sectors of your hard drive that that tarball was sitting on, so that block of the file is all zeroes. You may want to download it again, or restore from a backup or something.

For a second opinion about the file, try ungzipping it with gunzip, then untar it with tar xvf ....

You may also want to read the SMART counters on that hard drive and see if it's reporting any pending, remapped, or reallocated bad sectors. If you find any, get everything off the hard drive that you can (or if you have recent enough backups, test your backups somewhere to make sure you can restore everything from them), and then erase the hard drive with the option selected to actually write zeroes or random data to every sector of the drive. That's the only way to force a hard drive to remap any bad sectors. But once a hard drive is starting to have sectors fail, it's probably time to replace the drive.

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