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There's a similar question out there, but it's for Windows and the answer is not applicable. Right now, the minimum Skype window size on a Mac is about 2/5ths of my screen. That's a lot of real estate for just one conversation; however, Skype will not allow me to make it smaller. It's pretty irritating. How can I fix this?

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The best you can do is drag the sidebar all the way to the left so it disappears. Then, the minimum size of a Skype window will be around 652×548 px.

You also can't edit Skype's interface files because Skype somehow checks the files for integrity and once you modify them, well …

7/12/12 4:15:55 PM  [0x0-0x578578][5252]    Check 2 failed. Can't run Skype
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