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I need to write an Unix Shell Script that moves the csv input files from /exp/files folder to /exp/ready directory. The csv input files are written to /exp/files folder by an SFTP server whose behavior I cannot trivially change.

In shell script I need to ensure before doing a move of that csv input file from /exp/files directory no longer any other process is writing to the file. How can I move it?

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lsof might be what you want (it is after all, the command to list open files). If your files have a known naming convention, run an lsof <filename> against it to check if it is indeed being used by a process. If it isn't, lsof will return a non-zero return code.

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Please note: If you want to check if the file is being written to by another user, you'll need to run lsof (or fuser) as root. If you're checking a file on NFS, lsof or fuser will only tell you something when run on the machine from which the file is being written to. – Emmanuel Joubaud Aug 28 '14 at 9:21

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