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I currently use XAMPP to dev locally on my Windows machine. I am trying to use multiple ajax calls in my javascript to get the status of an import I'm running. I believe I have the ajax, jquery, and php all working together correctly, but the ajax calls don't seem to process at the same time. This doesn't work for my scenario since I launch an import with one of the ajax calls (and I want to check the status throughout). I can also replicate the issue if I open a page that takes a little longer to load, and then try to load another page at the same time. The second page won't load until the first is finished loading. In my apache httpd.conf I have

ThreadsPerChild 250
MaxRequestsPerChild  4

So my question is, does XAMPP not handle multiple simultaneous requests? If so, what can I do to enable that or find out what my current issue is?

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1… (hint: it's probably the sessions) – Mahn Jul 11 '12 at 16:40
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It is exactly what Mahn predicted. Session file locking. What an evil little trick. Starting and stopping the session every time I want to write to the session works though.

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