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I have a 750 GB hard drive that is partitioned into C and D drives. I am running XP Professional. I will be installing Windows 7. Can I install different operating systems on different drives? XP-c and Windows 7 on d?....What is dual booting?

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Dual Boot is when you have two operating systems installed on a single computer. You choose which operating system on startup through a menu. – MDMarra Sep 21 '09 at 22:06
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You can safely install Windows 7 on D:\ and have Windows XP on C:. Windows 7 will take care of booting into any of the 2 operating systems. The Windows 7 bootloader will recognize XP and will give you an option to boot into either XP or Windows 7 (that's what dual booting is).

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I'd recommend installing XP first, then the W7 installation will deal with the dual booting. Installing XP last can be problematic. – outsideblasts Sep 21 '09 at 23:40

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