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I setup my Windows 7 home premium 64-bit desktop to use Microsoft's IIS FTP server. Works great except for big files... like 4gbyte files. Only maybe 150mbytes end up getting transferred to Macs I need to retrieve these files to.

Is there a file size limit setting somewhere in IIS? If I type ls -l I do see the full file size, but that's just not what ends up getting transferred:

ftp> ls -l
200 EPRT command successful.
125 Data connection already open; Transfer starting.
06-30-12  02:16PM           4443150993 xcode_3.2.6_and_ios_sdk_4.3.dmg
226 Transfer complete.
ftp: 72 bytes received in 0.00Seconds 72000.00Kbytes/sec.
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Ended up just using FileZilla and everything worked perfect.

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