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I work in a NOC that needs to display times from different cities across two 50 inch screens connected to a single windows 7 enterprise box.

Currently, we are using but I would like to identify a free (preferably open source) alternative.

Must have features are:

  1. Ability to define persistent x and y mappings for each time display
  2. Configurable NTP support

Nice to haves include:

  1. Scriptable support to pull in additional information (I know a bit of perl, but any common language like Python or Lua would be OK)
  2. Ability to colour code different time displays (and to change these based on certain conditions like time of day and public holidays).
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Update: I've been looking at for this task. It supports Lua scripting and has heaps of skins. By default it uses the system time. As I am attached to a domain, system time cannot be defined locally with reference to NTP, see here:

Where do I find the 'Internet Time' (NTP) settings in Windows 7

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