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Star Wars the Old Republic is killing my network connection. I've sent traceroutes and ping results to my ISP but haven't managed to get the issue cleared up. I would like some help in learning how to ask the right questions of my ISP.


When I start SWTOR, my network connection severely degrades.

When the game isn't running, a tracert to the gaming server looks clear and responsive. As soon as the game is launched, traces start timing out at my UBR.

So, while the game is running I opened two shells and started pinging both my router, and my ISPs UBR. My router responds with 100% success at <1ms. However, the pings to my UBR are at ~8-12ms, and one capture over 2000 pings showed a 16% loss. It seems to come in spurts - being much more severe during peak network usage times (6pm-10pm)

Removing my router from the equation and connecting directly to the modem results in identical results.

I did a selective boot of my machine to ensure nothing was loading at boot, again, with the same results.

I've contacted my ISP and had a tech on the phone witness degradation at the UBR while I was in the game. So they scheduled a maintenance call. When the tech visited the UBR, he couldn't reproduce the problem. I called again and a phone support person said they saw no significant latency or dropped packets and they again scheduled a tech to come to the house.

Question What can I do to explain this situation to the ISP. Are there things that I can do (data that I can collect) that should help diagnose the issue? or do I just let them do their job? - even though this will be the 2nd onsite visit, and the 5th time I've talked to the support staff.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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You said: "When the tech visited the UBR, he couldn't reproduce the problem." When this occurred, were you running SWTOR? If not, that would explain why he couldn't find the problem. –  Michael Hampton Jul 12 '12 at 1:16
what is your line bandwidth? how much bandwidth is SWTOR using? What type of a connection do you have? Ping and traceroute really don't provide that much information. If the circuit is clean at all times except when you are running an application, typically it means that application is saturating the circuit. If this is the case (and it likely is), all you can do is get a bigger pipe. –  MaQleod Jul 12 '12 at 2:26
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I'm not sure, but it sounds like it might be bufferbloat. You might want to read up on the subject and try some of the tools they suggest for diagnosing the problem.

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