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I want to run a batch file that maps a network drive but all of the solutions I have found run the script in the start-up folder which isn't really what it says it is.

How do I map the drive BEFORE the user logs on?

Please don't mark this as a duplicate, I understand this has come up before but all of the solutions I can see on this site deal with the batch at logon.

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Depending on how I interpret your question, there are several thing you could be getting at: Do you mean that you want access to a specific folder on your computer from another computer before someone log on? Like a network share? Or do you want to map a drive on the computer that hasn't been mapped already so that it's available for any user that logs in? Or something completely else that I'm missing? – Roger M Jul 12 '12 at 8:39
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You can have drives reconnect and remapped at startup by using the net use . . .PERSISTENToption.

For running batchfiles at startup, add your batchfile's name to:


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For this to work at computer startup, you'd have to give access to the Everyone/ANONYMOUS group via Share and NTFS permissions

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