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I have two domains

  2. is registered with google app and mx records are updated according to google app guideline. email address on google app is working fine and receivng direct emails.

my other domain whose mx recording is pointing to its hosted server. and an email address on that server is created with the forwarding set to two other emails. one is and other (email set on google app).

I am receiving forwarded emails on but not receiving on (email set on google app) and I can also see email in my inbox ( which shows that this inbox is recieving emails and forwording fine.

why google app account is not recieving forwarded emails. is there any other setting i have do?

Anyone faced this problem before?

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there are few ways you can check if every thing is configured correctly for mx records use following websites to check.

mxtoolbox or dns squish

if everything is working alright and you need to disable your email services for that particular domain. otherwise your hosted email services might take preference and you emails will not delivered your external server.

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I'd do a dns check on unlock the inbox.

Just change the url to have your real domain name in it. And check out your PTR and CNAME records. There are tabs for those.

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