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Is there a way to run Linux Google Chrome with Java support?

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Moderator note: I've removed answers that are now obsolete, since Chrome 35 has dropped NPAPI support and the methods posted here will all not work. We're generally not removing old answers in case people still want to run old stable versions of software, but with Chrome, this is not really feasible nor practical. Looking forward to answers that consider the latest version, therefore making this community wiki to encourage joint efforts. –  slhck Jul 12 at 13:48
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There's a guy (Michael Müller) who have wrote some patches to re enable the support for NPAPI (so icedtea will work).

This is somewhat a workaround. but is expected to work. (Actually I haven't tested)

Currently the build version is 36.

If you use ArchLinux you can build and install it from AUR. chromium-npapi

If not, you can see in PKGBUILD the build process.

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try installing icedtea in linux. it works like a charm.

for Ubuntu

apt-get install icedtea

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Does this actually work on Chrome 35 or newer? –  Journeyman Geek Jul 15 at 5:35

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