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Had to get a new laptop and it came loaded with Windows 7.

How many folders do I need that have "documents" in the title? I've spent days trying to get answers to questions and running into forums that tell me how to delete a folder, then spending a great deal of time giving me a sales job on why I shouldn't want to do this because these new features are great.

I want to put My Documents (and only one of them) under C:. I want to put My pictures (and only one of them) under C:. It should be obvious to anyone who has to maintain their own system, and they are the only person using that machine, why one would want to do that.

I don't want to move My Documents over to D: and pretend it is the only folder on my system with that name.

I found out how to delete Public, and that worked out fine. I tried to move My Documents out from under Users and put it under C:, but it would not let me do that. Probably because there are so many folders with that same name scattered throughout the system.

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Try You're probably trying to move the Documents Library. BTW, deleting the Public folder was an iffy move, and it doesn't affect what you see with your own account. Also, why have C:\My Documents? What's so bad about the existing structure? – cyanic Jul 14 '12 at 7:04

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