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Had to get a new laptop and it came loaded with Windows 7.

How many folders do I need that have "documents" in the title? I've spent days trying to get answers to questions and running into forums that tell me how to delete a folder, then spending a great deal of time giving me a sales job on why I shouldn't want to do this because these new features are great.

I want to put My Documents (and only one of them) under C:. I want to put My pictures (and only one of them) under C:. It should be obvious to anyone who has to maintain their own system, and they are the only person using that machine, why one would want to do that.

I don't want to move My Documents over to D: and pretend it is the only folder on my system with that name.

I found out how to delete Public, and that worked out fine. I tried to move My Documents out from under Users and put it under C:, but it would not let me do that. Probably because there are so many folders with that same name scattered throughout the system.

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Try headstrongfarm.hubpages.com/hub/Windows-7_-_Moving_My_Documents. You're probably trying to move the Documents Library. BTW, deleting the Public folder was an iffy move, and it doesn't affect what you see with your own account. Also, why have C:\My Documents? What's so bad about the existing structure? –  cyanic Jul 14 '12 at 7:04

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