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I have a table in Excel. It is 2 pages long, but only half-page wide. Is there a way to print both parts of this table on one page, so one next to another? I don't want to move the data, I would like to know whether this is possible through the printing or page settings.

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Something you can try:

(This assumes you're using ISO A4 paper and Office 2007+, but the general idea is sound for other occasions.)

Change the paper size to A5 portrait, select only the columns with data and select Page layout -> Print Area -> Set print area.

In the print pane, change the scaling options to fit all columns in one page. Then change printer properties to print the two A5 sheets on one A4.

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Switch to Page Break Preview. If you do not like the designate pages, then move the lines and Excel will print it as you dictate.

If it ends up crunching too much horizontal data, go to the print preview and in the setup switch to landscape mode. The main point is that you can tell excel exactly how to print your cells.

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You can also flip from portrait to landscape (or vice-versa), which would allow more to be on the page after making it into one page using the Page Break Preview. VERY handy option, useful for compressing output onto fewer pages, or onto a specific page count. –  lornix Jul 14 '12 at 18:40

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