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I opened my printer to change the drum unit and I noticed a lot of black powder on top of the toner and the drum unit.

  • Is this normal?
  • Does this mean the drum unit/toner is bad?
  • Should I just change both of them or can I just change one?
  • If I change one, say just the toner, but the drum unit is bad - will it damage the new toner cartridge - and vice versa?

I cleaned the dust powder (which I guess is toner) off, but the printer still prints dirty.


Edit 1: All of this stems from this question - Can a generic drum unit cause a Brother HL-2170w Laser B&W printer print dirty?

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Toner dust is gonna happen, so don't worry too much.

However, if you start getting unfused toner on your output paper, it could be a sign of a bad fuser roller and you may need to replace it.

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I updated the question to include a link to another question I asked that has an image of an output from my printer. So, the bad fuser that in the drum unit? I have a new drum unit, I am wondering if I should use it with the existing toner or will that possibly damage it? Am I better off just changing both? – marcamillion Jul 15 '12 at 0:36
Here's a great site: Often, a bad fuser results in the print looking ok until you touch it and then it smears... Random toner on the page that doesn't rub off seems more like a toner cartridge. – BrianAdkins Jul 15 '12 at 0:56

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