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I installed an application (don't remember which one) and it left a spinner (I assume it's an animated GIF) in the middle of my desktop that I can't remove.

I have logged out, rebooted, changed my desktop theme, etc to no avail.

the spinner image

Would information about that image be kept somewhere so I can go in and remove it?

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It could just be a normal window (windows can be partially-transparent and not respond to clicks). Process Explorer has a tool where you can point at a window and get the process to which it belongs.

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Aha, finally! That was it - I never considered it was a process. (Disney Vacation Connection - the stars should have been a hint i guess) I killed it and it came back when i logged out and back in (it has an application in Startup). I removed that and it's gone for good. Thanks! – user716154 Jul 15 '12 at 21:59

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