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I installed Crunchbang Statler on my Dell Latitude E6400.

And ever since I did that, my wifi wouldn't work after I did a reboot from crunchbang, and booted into Windows 7, the other OS on the laptop.

I considered myself stupid for thinking that installing Crunchbang was the reason for this behaviour until I found that there are other people who have experienced the same problem as well.

Any idea why this is happening? Wifi works when I shutdown, and then boot into Windows 7; it doesn't work when I do a reboot from Crunchbang.

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It sounds to me like crunchbang is not powering off the adapter correctly. See if resetting the adapter, and enabling/disabling it again fixes the issue. Also, try just doing a shutdown from crunchbang, as opposed to a reboot (should be the same thing, but just to be extra careful...)

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