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I'm having some trouble. I have VirtualBox installed on both a OS X Lion Macbook Pro and a Windows XP Lenovo Laptop, and they both behave the same way. I've downloaded Ubuntu as an .iso from here:

I set up the virtual machine and everything looks great, but when it gets to boot time it just sits there with a black screen and blinking prompt. The file command on the iso says it's a bootable image, so I'm n


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When you boot the Ubuntu CD, you will first see this screen:

Ubuntu 12.04 Boot Screen

Press Ctrl while you see this screen. You will then get the Ubuntu boot menu where you can choose a language and boot options.

Select your language, then press F6 for boot options. Use your arrow keys to select nomodeset so that an x appears next to it.

Ubuntu 12.04 Boot Screen with nomodeset selected

Then press Esc. Now, use your arrow keys to scroll down to Install Ubuntu, and press Return.

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I am able to access those menus, but after selecting Install Ubuntu it sits at the _ prompt again. – DVG Jul 16 '12 at 14:40
It basically came down to the fact that the iso I had was bad. I downloaded a fresh one and now it's installing just fine – DVG Jul 17 '12 at 1:56

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