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I want to use hyperlinks to open single e-mail messages stored in MS Outlook 2007 from within my text files created by Emacs org-mode (as described here: Can I create a link to a specific email message in Outlook?).

The problem is: I can create links to the e-mail and they are working, but they stop working as soon as I move the e-mail to another folder (within the same mailbox, even not to an external pst-file). And even if I move the e-mail back in its original place the link does not start working again.

However, if I create a new link after moving the e-mail, it seems to look exactly the same like the original one, so the GUID number of the mail seems not to change after moving (as I would expect it).

Can anyone help?

  • Does the GUID stay the same when moving an e-mail in Outlook 2007 (within the same mailbox file)?
  • If yes, why do I get an error message like "the action could not be performed" (sorry, I don't know the exact wording at the moment) after moving the linked e-mail?
  • Is there a solution (except first moving the message and then creating the hyperlink)?
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I finally found the answer myself:

At least in Outlook 2007 the GUID does change, as soon as an e-mail is moved - even only within the same mailbox file and not to another pst-file. :-(

So there seems to be no on-board way to preserve the ID - the only way would be to read out the GUID of an element before and after moving it and then replace the old GUID in the org-mode text files by the new one, but this seems quite complicated.

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