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I am trying to install Windows in my virtual hard disk. I have created a VHD, attached it. But when I install Windows 7 on that disk it is giving me the following error:

The "next" button is disabled for me. How can I install Windows on my VHD?

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You can watch a walkthrough of booting to a VHD here from the Springboard Series on TechNet. Judging from the error you are experiencing, the VHD file may not have been mounted or created properly for the Windows 7 boot loader to work with it.

Most walkthroughs on TechNet also provide instructions for applying a default Windows 7 .wim file to the VHD and editing the Boot Configuration Database (BCD) to ensure that the VHD will boot. Such instructions can be found on TechNet in the article Walkthrough: Deploy a Virtual Hard Disk for Native Boot.

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