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When copying cells, I often need to keep value & formation of the cell but NOT the original formulas.

Copying large range of cells, I couldn't see the paste icon to choose the associative options. Even though having the icon showed up, it's also a tiring steps.

Would love to have the fastest way possible. Please help.

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Let us know if you want code to do this, VBA or C#. Range.Value2 = object[,] is the fastest unless you write directly to the file, eg Excel XML files – Jeremy Thompson Jul 16 '12 at 7:31
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You have the old keyboard shortcuts, work great for me (I use the values option constantly).

Paste-special 'values' ALT + E , S , V

Paste-special 'formats ALT + E , V , T

Alternatively, I believe there is an option to change the default paste option in Office 2010 (not sure about earlier versions) or you could just record a macro to do this and then set a keybinding.

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In office 2010 you can just (1) Paste - (2) press CTRL - (3) then the shortcut for the mode you need ("V" for "values only"). – Nickolay Oct 10 '12 at 14:16

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