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I am heavy user, and I need more speed than I get from stock 5400 rpm hard drive. I want to buy SSD (I have one on desktop, and speed improvement is enormous). Here is the question - can I have 2 disks? One stock, slow, but with big space (640 GB - comparing to SSD it is relatively big), and second SSD, fast, small and keep there OS?

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Most laptops have only one drive bay. Laptops with dual drive bays are quite rare.

I cannot find any detailed specifications on your laptop to suggest that it is capable of fitting two drives inside. You should have a look at the manual for your laptop and see what it says about installing hard drives.

If you have only one hard drive bay then your only option may be to get a USB hard drive enclosure (enclosures without the drive are quite cheap) and installing your current hard drive in that to use for storage.

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According to manual, I have 2 slots for hard drives. So I checked it in my laptop, and it's true. Thank you very much. – SuitUp Jul 16 '12 at 12:55

There are a couple options...

  • There are kits to replace the optical drive with a hard drive such as this. I can't speak to this one in particular (it was at the top of a google search), but you can probably find other options.
  • There are also hybrid drives that contain both larger capacity spinning platters and a smaller SSD built into one. Here is a search on newegg for that type.
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You've most likely already performed this, but yes it is possible to install a second hard drive in the Samsung RC730 laptop. It actually has an extra bay and the box itself comes with installation brackets and a hdd cable... I have the same laptop upgraded with a 256SSD drive as the primary OS drive and used the stock HDD as a secondary file storage drive...

Adding the SSD drive makes the computer a completely different machine. I highly recommend it on this model as well as any other computer....

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Important thing to note: only RC730 models that have +17" screen have 2 slots for hard drives. – SuitUp Oct 23 '12 at 21:44

You want a hybrid drive which will give you the speed boost of SSD but also the capacity of a HDD. Something like the Seagate Momentus line.

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