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I installed the W7 RC, everything works very well, except for the cam, mic and speakers. There is nothing to be found on sony's websies, all of them; If anyone managed to resolve this issue I would really appreciate it.

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Do you mean, there are no Windows 7 drivers for them? – admintech Sep 22 '09 at 8:36

I would suggest downloading the drivers yourself directly from the Sony website. Win7 downloaded the wrong drivers for my webcam. If there are no Win7 drivers, try the Vista drivers.

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Here are all the drivers and software updates that exist for this model; it's straight from the Sony Asia-Pacific product webpage. That's probably the best place to look.

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As has been said, most of the vista drivers will work for windows 7, however sony has said on their support site that they will be forthcomming with windows 7 drivers nearer or after release to retail. So long as your laptop is ~2 years old or newer then i would have thought they will develop drivers

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