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I have a large Visio diagram that spans multiple pages according to the print area. However, I would like to save this to a PDF file and have it only display as a single page in the PDF. My users should then be able to navigate around the image and zoom in where necessary. I cannot seem to find any options for it and all my attempts at saving to a PDF result in multiple pages within the PDF.

Is what I'm looking to do possible?

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You have to change the "paper" size of the document. – user3463 Jul 16 '12 at 21:57

For some reason I only have Visio 2007 installed at present. I know you can do this from the bar in 2010.

If you bring up the Page Setup dialog you will see two tabs containing page sizes. The first is the printer page size and the second is the drawing page size.

On the Print Setup tab, change the paper size to the one you want to print on, for your purposes, make it as large as you can - A0 perhaps. Then set the "Print Zoom" to "Fit to" 1x1

When you print preview you should see that everything is on one page. Now print to PDF - you may need to up the resolution of the PDF driver though depending on how good your PDF to Print driver is. Otherwise, when zooming in, some elements may become pixilated because they have been turned into bitmaps. Though as long as you have chosen a suitably large "paper" size, you should be OK. You may need to experiment a little.

The other issue you may get is PC's running low on memory when trying to view the resulting PDF. If parts of the PDF turn black or blank when viewing, this is the issue.

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I looked at every setting as I had the same problem. This is what I found resolved the issue:

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat Reader and go to Edit/Preferences and change the pixel/inch ratio back to the standard.
  2. In Visio, go to Design tab, Size, and then More Page Sizes, and change the page size to Custom (your needed size.) (This opens Page Setup.)
  3. The printer paper size I could not change, but it didn't affect it.

The first option is what took me an hour to figure out. Hope this helps save people time.

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Interesting, the same as this link but you do not give it credit or say this is where you got this information from: – PIMP_JUICE_IT May 19 at 12:35

The way that I do it is to have the area you want to print on the screen, use the Adobe PDF printer, then choose "Print Current View" and check the "Fit the current view to a single sheet" box.Where the options are in Visio 2016

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