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I read a bunch of instructions for installing bash-completion for git, and settled on the macport solution, which is, for example, mentioned here: How to get git-completion.bash to work on Mac OS X?

However, this does not work, and I must call source /opt/local/etc/bash_completion.d/git or put it in my .bashrc to activate git bash completion. Am I missing something? It seems like sourcing of a specific completion package should be more automatic, and no one on the web that I've found has listed this in their instructions for getting git bash-completion to work on mac os.

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MacPorts' bash-completion script is supposed to live at /opt/local/etc/bash-completion and take care of sourcing everything inside /opt/local/etc/bash-completion.d/*. However, it is not installed by default. You need to...

sudo port install bash-completion

...and then you still need to source /opt/local/etc/bash-completion from one of your bash startup scripts.

Note that the latest version of that script requires bash >= 4, which is later than is included with Mac OS X Lion 10.7.x (which includes bash 3.2.48(1)). Update: OS X Mountain Lion v10.8.0 still appears to ship with bash 3.2.48(1), so this step is still needed even on Mountain Lion. So make sure you've installed a later bash with MacPorts, and make sure you've configured (or whatever terminal you're using) to run /opt/local/bin/bash instead of OS X's default /bin/bash.

See also (recommended reading! good tips!):

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Changing terminal to run /opt/local/bin/bash resolved it. Can you tell me why this step is needed? – jonderry Jul 17 '12 at 16:50
@jonderry That step is needed because the guys who maintain the bash-completion scripts have chosen to use features that are only in bash 4.x, and thus require bash 4.x, but OS X Lion only includes the older bash 3.2.x. If you look at /opt/local/etc/bash-completion, it explicitly checks your bash version before proceeding. – Spiff Jul 17 '12 at 18:51
Is that still the path? /opt/local/etc/profile.d/ ? – Clayton Stanley Jul 18 '12 at 4:10
@claytontstanley Yes, the path I listed appears to be a more convenient symlink to the path you listed. – Spiff Jul 18 '12 at 5:42
Bash tip for works great, thanks... – plang Aug 2 '12 at 21:29

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