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In OS X Terminal I've configured the Home (Ctrl+A = \001), End (Ctrl+E = \005), Page Up (\033[5~) and Page Down (\033[6~) keys, so I improved the Midnight Commander experience a lot.

But how do I get the Help key to act as the Ins key (to select the focused file)?

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According to this MacWorld Hint, \033[2~ is the keycode for Ins.

I am not sure if this is true for Linux, my terminal reports ^[[2~ (by running cat and pressing Ins), but a friend of mine who has a Mac used this hint, and had success.


  1. Open
  2. Hit Cmd-, to open preferences
  3. Go to the profile setup tab, and click on the profile you use
  4. Open the edit keyboard bindings pane
  5. Map Help to \033[2~ (if you cannot bind help, bind some other key like F12)
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