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I am using the US International layout on X11 (-xkblayout us -xkbvariant intl).

I would like to disable the dead keys, but without switching back to the US default layout. (I need the German Umlaute and a couple other characters from the Intl layout, I just don't care for the "dead" `~'"^.)

What would I need to do? Create a custom layout (like I did for Windows following this excellent advice)? How would I do that? Or can I get the "no dead keys" behaviour in some easier way?

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There is a xkbvariant "altgr-intl" that puts the dead keys under the AltGr qualifier; i.e. while typing regularly, keys like " are not "dead". If you need them for international characters, you can type e.g. AltGr-" + e to get ë.

This particular layout is also available for Windows.

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