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My psd files are not opening. I can open a new file or open a jpeg image but cant open a file directly which has been saved in psd. Also, I can open them if i open photoshop and open a psd file from there but i can't open it directly. The Photoshop icon doesn't appear on the saved file. A blank icon appears instead. Os: Windows 7, Photoshop Version: cs5

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Right-click on the psd file in windows explorer, select "open with" - "choose default program"

From there you can tell windows to open that file type with Photoshop always (by clicking the box that says to always use this program)

note: if you don't see the "open with" option, hold the left shift button while you right-click on the file.

edit: what seems to have happened is somehow you've lost the association between .psd files and Photoshop. The above steps will recreate the association.

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