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I need to create labels in Microsoft Word 2010 with numbers encoded as barcodes. The barcode's format (ean, code39, upc, etc) does not matter. I have downloaded a barcode conversion font that I found at this site.

When I type the number that I want and then I format it with my new font, it produces a barcode. I then print it on an OKI laser printer (1200 dpi). The result seems to be fine, at least for common people.

But, when I try to scan it, nothing happens. I tried both with a barcode scanner and a data collector, but neither of them read the barcode. My barcode scanner is working fine, because I can read commercial barcodes printed on products.

Does anybody have any advice? How do I do this kind of stuff? I want to do it using Word because I will generate labels using Mail Merge. Therefore using external programs aren't option for me.

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Can you scan them off the screeen in word? can you scan them off the screen in something like notepad? are you forgetting the start and end characters? –  Jakob Weisblat Jul 17 '12 at 19:52
What Jake223 said, you'll need a start bit idautomation.com/code39faq.html –  Rob Jul 17 '12 at 19:58
Yeah, it worked, thanks. @Jake223, answer the question, so I can mark it as a solution. –  Bob Rivers Jul 17 '12 at 20:13

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You probably need to add start and stop characters, see http://www.3sindustries.com/barcodes/codabar.php or google for more information.

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Here are some recommended solutions:

  1. Read some articles on how to generated barcode in Word, e.g. Use Microsoft Word as a Barcode Generator

  2. Try to use some other third-party software on barcode generation in Word, e.g. Barcode for Microsoft Word

  3. Read some posts in other forums, e.g. Barcode symbology 128 font

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