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I have a Canon Pixma MP560 and some new, genuine cartridges from Best Buy.

When I install them, the ink cartridge lights light up, as if the printer recognised them, but when I close the printer lid, the printer just says:

Error U140: the following cartridges are not recognised [picture of all of the cartridges]

Update: Apparently this is due to Canon region-locking their printers and cartridges. How can I alter the region on a Canon printer?

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possible duplicate of Pixus MP990 Rejecting US Ink Cartridges – KronoS Jul 26 '12 at 5:31

Here's the response from Canon:

Thank you for contacting Canon product support. We value you as a Canon customer and appreciate the opportunity to assist you. I am sorry that your PIXMA MP560 is not recognizing the CLI-221 and PGI-220 ink tanks you purchased.

The reason that the printer is not recognizing these ink tanks is because these were purchased here in the United States and your PIXMA MP560 was from the United Kingdom. The ink must be purchased from the Canon division where you purchased the printer. Unfortunately, this means that the ink from the United States would not work in your UK PIXMA MP560. It would need to come from a United Kingdom dealer.

I am sorry for any inconvenience this causes. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance with your PIXMA MP560.

TLDR Canon region locks its print cartridges.

Update: It is possible to alter the region of cartridges, notably using a "redsetter" device, which also resets ink levels (as electronically recorded).

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