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I have this warning in macports:

Romans-iMac:~ holms$ sudo port -v install nginx +ssl
Error: No valid Xcode installation is properly selected.
Error: Please use xcode-select to select an Xcode installation:
Error:     sudo xcode-select -switch /Applications/ # version 4.5

Although I already used that command, warning is not disappearing, and compilation works anyway.

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It looks like there are two problems going on. First, and this one's silly, you might not have accepted the XCode license agreement (See

To solve this issue, just try:

sudo xcodebuild -license # Press 'q' then type 'agree' to accept the license agreement

Secondly, the version of MacPorts installed may still be verifying XCode's installation by looking for some directories that have been re-arranged in XCode 4.4. There's a patch for this that looks like it will roll out with MacPorts 2.1.2. Or now, if you're using your own Macports build using the trunk branch of the MacPorts svn repository. (See

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ok problem was that it's old macport version, and only svn version can normally support mountain lion, as it's not stable.. – holms Jul 21 '12 at 16:43

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